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Chairlift in decay
Farm NL
  • Farm NL
  • 17 Photos | Updated November 20, 2016
The Green House
House in decay
Alte Stadtbad
Old trains in decay
Lost trains & tracks
Overgrown swimming pool
Overgrown swimming pool
Old Forgotten Guesthouse
Abandoned Hospital
Abandoned Church
Abandoned Farmacy
Abandoned Farm S.
The old mill
Maison Illusion
The lock and key factory
Abandoned Bunker House
Abandoned Carwash B.
Garage Decay S
Underground exploration
G industries in decay
Abandoned Doctor's House
Farm W
  • Farm W
  • 10 Photos | Updated November 12, 2015
Lost Tropical Center
Abandoned Minigolf
Abandoned Places
Waldsanatorium S.
Abandoned guesthouse
Nature is taking over...
Villa B
  • Villa B
  • 5 Photos | Updated January 1, 2013
Abandoned Places in b&w
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